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Welcome to U-Sri Engineers & Lorry Body Builders

We are the pioneers of fabricating aluminum lorry bodies and steel half truck bodies equally to compete the advance foreign constructions of the entire satisfaction of Sri Lankan market.

We are very proud and it is our curtsy to give due respect to the valuable great leading customers who were with us for the last thirty years in our carrier.

We are very much happy to publish a renewed website detailing on our past history and existing facilities, specially to give the utmost respect to our valuable great customers who are have contribute for save.

“in the body industry, we can all make promises and give a good price however, the measure of success is delivering on those promises by turning out a quality product, ON BUDGET and ON TIME!”

Best Technologies


Since its very began, U-SRI has relentlessly invested in the best technologies available. At the design stage, our CAD systems lead the field. Whilst for manufacture, we have the best possible factory equipment, including laser cutting and profiling.

What this means is that we can produce individual components or whole bodies more efficiently and with absolute consistency. As margins of error are eliminated, quality is maximized.

With Whole Vehicle Type Approval looming, high technology body building is here to stay. As a result, U-SRI works very closely with all the major truck manufacturers and their dealers..



Thanks to our factories, our investment and our technologies, U-SRI have the capability to produce almost any type of bodywork.

But our greater capability factor is our people. Everyone who works for U-SRI is 100% committed to what they do.

The long-standing dedication of our office staff and administrators. The real, everyday commitment of our service drivers. U-SRI is a team, and a winning one too.

Customers benefit because our capabilities let us do more. Due to our market leading position we can literally think ‘beyond the box’, to innovate and explore new solutions. Whether we are jointly developing something new or rushing to deliver an urgent part, each and every one of our capabilities counts.

ISO Certified Quality Management System

ISO Certified Quality Management System
We are leading truck body manufactures, canopy bodies & container bases developers in Sri Lanka.
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