Product Customization

U-SRI can design and produce truck bodies to customer’s specifications. In 1997 U-SRI was chosen by Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC to manufacture aluminum lorry bodies for TATA commercial vehicles..



Using the best raw material available in the market, we provide up to 5 years of Warranty for most truck bodies


  • Aluminum Lorry bodies
  • Canopy bodies, container bases
  • Half bodies, refurbishing of Lorry bodies
  • Manufacturing three wheel bodies
  • Lorry bodies for propaganda works.
  • Fabricating Lorry bodies
  • Containers


We have a specially trained skilled staff that are in this field over 25years to handle these production.

We take great care, interest and responsibility towards our client’ vehicles. Our workshop equipped with modern machinery.


  • Cutting of sheet – Bending – Welding
  • Vehicle tinkering (lorry body-bus body) and painting.
  • Planning of lorry bodies and front cabs.
  • All kind of machining and lathe works.
  • Repairing shock absorbers of motor bicycles and cars and vans.
  • Buying, selling and exchanging full or half body lorries.
  • Corrugating of sheets.
  • Accident Repairs


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